Being Happy Staying Safe

In our academy family, we want all children to be happy and safe. In our academy, we respect all children and adults and help to keep them safe, strong and free. We do our best to help all children make good progress in their learning. We teach the children how to keep themselves safe in different situations and how to protect themselves. View our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policies.


Safeguarding our children is our number one priority and empowering children to stay safe is an important part of our curriculum for the children. We empower children to understand how to keep themselves safe. We teach children to understand that their body belongs to them and how to tell an adult if they are worried or upset about something. The children and staff have worked together to write a child-friendly Safeguarding Policy. We not only display this around the academy but we review it each year through our Family Groups.


Our school is currently trialling the Anti Bullying programme KiVa. Find out more about what we’re doing here: What is KiVa? | KiVa Program


What is KiVa? | KiVa Program

“KiVa program is a gift from Finland to the rest of the world”.

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