Good attendance is key to children doing well and having the best possible outcomes.  For our children to gain the greatest benefit from their education, it is important that they attend regularly and are in the academy on time, every day.  We know that every school day counts and absences or regular late arrivals will impact on their learning and progress. Excellent attendance should have a high priority for all teachers, children and parents and our target is to achieve 98% attendance. We regularly celebrate our children’s attendance with weekly and termly certificates and attendance breakfasts for the class with the highest attendance. To find our more read our Attendance and Absence Policy.

Our attendance

We are making good progress with our overall attendance record. We still have room to improve but thank you to everyone for helping over the past 3 years.

  • Our attendance for 2015/2016 95%
  • Our attendance for 2016/2017 95.9%
  • Our attendance for 2017/2018 95.6%